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There is some truth to the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words, but it will take longer to download!" Seriously, these photos will give you an idea of what can be accomplished having Windsor WoodCare service your exterior wood. Various species of softwoods and hardwoods including a few exotic species may be seen. To balance content, a few photos are included of wood that was originally in the worst condition possible. Many would have advised total wood replacement, but you be the judge of the final results.

Two separate galleries are available for viewing. The first, Windsor WoodCare Completed Gallery, is a photo collection of finished projects, similar to the site sidebar pictures but larger in format. The second, Windsor WoodCare Process Gallery, is a photo collection of projects with original condition, cleaned wood, and finished pictures.

Navigation is straightforward. When a gallery is downloaded, click on a thumbnail photo to view a high definition photo of the selected thumbnail. At the bottom of this new page on high bandwidth galleries, larger adjacent thumbnails as well as scrolling aids are available.

Navigation aids are not available in the low bandwidth galleries. Use the "Back" Back browser button of your browser to return to the thumbnail photos. Use the "Close" Close browser button of your browser to delete the window.

Warning. Unless you have a high bandwidth connection (dsl,cable modem, T1) and a minimum of 256K of system memory, or a lot of patience, consider using the low bandwidth galleries. These will load and respond faster. Both choices, low and high bandwidth galleries, contain the same photos. The "Completed" gallery is much smaller than the "Process" gallery. To test your connection, try the high bandwidth "Completed" gallery first.

Windsor WoodCare Completed Gallery - High Bandwidth

Windsor WoodCare Process Gallery - High Bandwidth


Windsor WoodCare Completed Gallery - Low Bandwidth

Windsor WoodCare Process Gallery - Low Bandwidth

If you want your wood to look as good as these completed pictures, kindly contact us here.

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